AVV Millennium Calisthenics Club


I have been doing calisthenics since the age of 5, starting my 15 year journey at Funstar Calisthenics College. After 5 years at Funstar, I then moved to Del Sante Gardens Calisthenics College as a second year junior and spent 9 years of my calisthenics journey there, competing at Championship level for a lot of those years. I am very excited to now be apart of AVV’s senior team for 2020 and compete in another prestigious competition.


Throughout my 15 years of calisthenics I have competed in many solo, graceful and duo competitions, with many of these being at Champ level and was also very fortunate to place in many of these competitions. As a competitor I have also been very lucky to represent the state in 9 national teams from sub-juniors right through to seniors, with this year being my 9th team. I started coaching calisthenics at the end of 2018 where I taught a Calisthenics Solo, then I was very fortunate to be offered the Sub-Junior 1 team at AVV for 2019, which was a very challenging, but very fun year teaching my first team.

This year I have been offered to co-coach the stunning Junior 1 team alongside a very good friend of mine who I’ve calisthenics with for years and I am very excited for another challenging year ahead. Calisthenics has always been such a massive part of my life and always will be. I love the fun, friendships and discipline behind it and without this sport I definitely wouldn’t be who I am today. I’m very thankful to be able to coach young competitors and impact even just the tiniest bit of their calisthenics journey… it has always been a goal of mine to be able to pass on everything that I’ve been taught over many years on to younger generations.












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