The Owner

I started my dancing life as a calisthenics girl, giving 20 years of service to the Flinders Park Calisthenics Club. I was selected several times in the South Australian State Teams and competed in many SA Graceful Girl competitions. My sisters, my mother & I made many lifetime friends, as well as sharing a special bond over the sport we love.


I taught Tinies & Sub-Juniors during that time and then pursued cheerleading for the Adelaide Crows and Adelaide 36ers.


I started teaching dance classes in the late 1990’s and went on to successfully own Just For Fun Dance School for 5 years. As my daughters Tiana & Samara were born during this time, I sold the dance school and became a “dance mum”, taking my girls to calisthenics lessons. My son Salvatore was born a few years later and my husband Rob and I owned a Child Care Centre & Architectural business during these years also.


Tiana joined the Athelstone Valley View Calisthenics Club in 2011, and at the beginning of 2012 , Samara commenced and I took over the club with the intention of adding dance programs to the curriculum. We changed the name to AVV Millennium Calisthenics and Dance Academy; combining Calisthenics with the modern world of Dance.  


From 2018 our calisthenics club was known as AVV Millennium Calisthenics Club & and our dance school  Millennium Academy of Dance. 


I am so proud of how far we have come since I first took over, we have enjoyed many successes and I love watching all of our members improve and perform each year. 


Calisthenics & Dance has always been a love of mine, I am so grateful I can share the passion with my children, my mother & sisters and now your children & families, the next generation of our wonderful club.

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