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Lisa has had a wealth of knowledge and many years as not only a competitor and coach but also as an adjudicator.  Her calisthenics career began at the age of two – being chosen for eight state teams. Having won Junior, Intermediate and Senior Graceful Girl in Adelaide, she then won the prestigious Ballarat Graceful Girl competition, coached by her mother (they were the first mother and daughter winners).  In 1997, she coached a competitor to first place in the same competition.  

She was very lucky to be part of a team of girls from both Adelaide and Melbourne that went to America to perform Calisthenics in various US states.

Lisa has been coaching for over 40 years, having successfully taught many state and national teams.  She has trained a number of girls in solos, duos and graceful girls with great success.

She co-coached our Senior team winning division one, as well as helping in Tinies and Juniors.  In 2012, she was not only the coach but a competitor in the inaugural Masters competition in the Pan Pacific Masters in Gold Coast. They also competed in 2016 and again in 2018 gaining 3 x Gold and 2 x Silver medals. What a fabulous achievement. 

Adjudicating for over 30 years in Adelaide and Interstate in all aspects of calisthenics, she is currently the President of the SA Branch of Adjudicators.  Lisa has done over six years of gymnastics as well as over 25 years of Jazz, Tap and Ballet entering in many competitions and completing many exams. She has also adjudicated dance comps in Adelaide. 

Lisa enjoys the challenges and friendships that comes with coaching and in 2020 is co coaching our Tinies non-competitive,  as well as well as coach mentor of our club.
















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